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The Squatter and The Don Chapter XX-Conclusion

In reading the last half of The Squatter and The Don, I noticed repeated mention of corruption, greed, abuse of power, and violent acts committed onto one another. This concluding half, filled with suspense and action, concludes gloomily as it expresses the deep-seated fault of the American government; legislature and elite economic interest are undoubtedlyContinue reading “The Squatter and The Don Chapter XX-Conclusion”

The Squatter and The Don Chapter I-XX

In reading the first twenty chapters of The Squatter and the Don, I was confronted with two reoccurring themes. One was of an “us vs them” ideology, even within specific ethnic groups which escalated as the book progressed, and the second was the idea of love and friendship in spite of being of seemingly distinctContinue reading “The Squatter and The Don Chapter I-XX”